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April 20, 2012

Michael McCarthy, zümXR®

zümXR® Launches World’s First Energy Drink With ZumXR’s™ Time ‐Release Delivery System

Electrolytes and caffeine are released over a 5-hour period to provide long lasting, natural energy.

zümXR® is a natural energy drink created by zümXR®, the Denver-­based food and beverage innovator behind the industry’s only patented time-­release delivery system that eliminates the spike and crash commonly experienced with energy drinks. zümXR®’s system delivers natural green tea caffeine, vitamins and electrolytes in a way that increases nutrient absorption for better nutrition.

“Many studies have proven that caffeine improves athletic performance, yet consuming caffeine usually comes with an immediate jolt of energy followed by rapidly diminishing effects or a crash. zümXR® uses a patent pending time-­release system to extend the performance effects.” Said Robert Niichel, zümXR®’s founder. “Athletes on our cycling team report to be able to go faster, harder and feel better post-­race after using our great tasting product,” said Niichel.

This licensable technology is the first of its kind and gives beverage manufactures the ability to slowly deliver a variety of active ingredients over time, increasing the efficacy of those ingredients. zümXR® energy drinks are available in a variety of flavors including Mango Green Tea and Lemon Ginger, which can be found at Whole Foods Market.

Founded in 2010, zümXR® is pioneering the use of extended-­release delivery systems. Learn more about zümXR® at www.zumxr.com.