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March 30, 2013

Michael McCarthy, zümXR®

zümXR® Launches New 10 Calorie Natural Energy Drink With ZumXR’s™ Time-Release Delivery System

Electrolytes and caffeine are released over a 5-hour period to provide long lasting, natural energy.

Denver based beverage company zümXR® recently added a new 10 calorie, Stevia sweetened version to their line of revolutionary, natural extended release energy drinks. The new 10 calorie version is available in both Lemon Ginger and Blackberry Pomegranate flavors. zümXR® is a natural energy drink that delivers hours of clean, sustained energy. By utilizing zümXR®’s Time-Release Delivery System, green tea caffeine, vitamins and electrolytes are released over 3-5 hours via tiny, tasteless energy beads in the liquid. The energy beads release based on natural pH levels in your stomach.

“Other caffeinated drinks deliver an immediate burst of energy followed by the dreaded “crash.” zümXR®’s patent pending delivery system allows for a sustained release of numerous active ingredients, thus negating the “crash”. Said Michael McCarthy, zümXR®’s™ VP of Marketing. “Consumers not only want healthier energy drink options, but many want a zero sugar option. zümXR® 10 delivers this.” said McCarthy.

zümXR® is pioneering the use of extended release systems in the beverage industry. Learn more information regarding licensing opportunities for this time-release system is available at www.zumxr.com.