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April 4, 2014

Michael McCarthy
VP Marketing, zümXR®


Time-release caffeine will create an immediate and meaningful point of difference for energy shot company, LXR Biotech.

Denver, Colorado - April 4, 2014 – zümXR®, a manufacturer of extended-release delivery systems for beverages, recently signed an agreement that allows LXR Biotech to use ZumXR’s™ patented time-release caffeine beads in their energy shot. By delivering caffeine through a time-release system, potential negative side effects (overdose) are alleviated and consumers don't experience the dreaded “crash”.

The deal will generate over $3.1 million in revenues for zümXR® in the first three years and over $13.9 million over five years.

“Three patents have been issued for our innovative delivery system and we have conducted rigorous lab and in-market testing proving our label claims and showing strong consumer acceptance,” said company Founder and CEO Bob Niichel. “The LXR partnership further validates our business model and will bring our extended-release technology to more than 3.5 million consumers over the next year.”

“We have already presented the time-release shot concept to three top retailers, all of which have committed to large orders. And, one buyer told me the technology is gamechanging,” said LXR’s President Andrew Krause.

About zümXR®,
zümXR® is the Denver-based food and beverage innovator behind the industry’s only patented time-release delivery system, currently found in Eternal EnergyTM 10 Hour Time Release shots and zümXR® natural energy drink. This market-tested, new-to-world time-release formula offers food and beverage manufactures a competitive advantage by giving them the ability to control the release rates of a variety of active ingredients, thus increasing nutrient absorption rates. These ingredients can include caffeine, vitamins and nutrients, proteins or probiotics. Many vitamins and active ingredients are not readily absorbed by the body due to bioavailability issues. zümXR® technology slowly delivers nutrients for optimal absorption. Better absorption means better nutrition.

Information regarding licensing opportunities for this time-release system is available at www.zumxr.com