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September 25, 2014

Olivia Omega

New Research Supports Beverage Innovator’s “No Crash” Claims In An Industry Bombarded By Them

Third-party clinical tests validate a new time­-release technology that promises to provide a more effective and nutritious way to deliver active ingredients in foods and beverages

Denver, CO - September 25, 2014 – zümXR®, Denver-based innovator of time-release delivery systems has completed third-party research validating claims that their patented technology can slowly deliver a variety of active ingredients for optimal absorption by the body. The study was performed by third-party analytical testing lab Acceleration Laboratories who specializes in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research. Eight different lots of micro-beaded ingredients were analyzed in triplicate during this dissolution study that mimicked pH levels of the digestive system. A human blood serum study will follow.

“Now we have third-party data to support our new-to-the-world technology, allowing us to help beverage manufacturers deliver more efficacious nutrients to their consumers - from a safer delivery of caffeine and the elimination of the common ‘crash’, to an increased absorption of vitamins,” said Bob Niichel, zümXR®Founder and CEO. “The licensing of our delivery system will change the food and beverage industry and benefit consumer health in significant ways.”

Through rigorous development, zümXR®has the ability to produce micro-beads in a variety of sizes, allowing manufacturers to choose whether they want the micro-beads to be visible in a beverage or nearly invisible to the consumer’s eye. “The research also tested a wide range of release profiles. Different nutrients need to be released over specific time intervals and at specific locations in the digestive system for optimal absorption,” added Niichel.

About zümXR®,
zümXR® is the Denver-based food and beverage innovator behind the industry’s only patented time-release delivery system, currently found in Eternal EnergyTM 10 Hour Time Release shots and zümXR® natural energy drink. This market-tested, new-to-world time-release formula offers food and beverage manufactures a competitive advantage by giving them the ability to control the release rates of a variety of active ingredients, making their current product deliver more usable nutrients. These ingredients can include caffeine, vitamins and nutrients, proteins or probiotics. Many vitamins and active ingredients are not readily absorbed by the body due to bioavailability issues. zümXR®technology slowly delivers nutrients for optimal absorption. Better absorption means better nutrition. Information regarding licensing opportunities for this time-release system is available at www.zumxr.com.