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October 4, 2015

Michael McCarthy


First product containing time-release L-Theanine to hit retail shelves later in 2015

Denver, CO - October 4, 2015 – zümXR®, a Denver-based innovator of time-release delivery system has completed development and testing of a first-ever time release Melatonin product suitable for beverage applications. The sleep category is growing 27% annually and is expected to reach $732 million by 2018, reports Nutraingredients. Additionally, a recent survey from Datamonitor found that insomnia was the fourth most reported health issue amongst American consumers, coming in behind stress, tiredness / fatigue and allergy.

“No other company has produced a time-release melatonin that will work in a ready to drink beverage,” said Xtend Release’s Founder Robert Niichel. “We utilize a highly proprietary, patent protected encapsulation process that will not break down in a beverage,” said Niichel.

“We already have a licensing agreement signed for melatonin. The product will be in stores by Q4 2015.” said VP of Marketing, Michael McCarthy. “The sleep category is poised to take off and we need to be part of this rapid growth,” said McCarthy.

About zümXR®,
zümXR® is the Denver-based food and beverage innovator behind the industry’s only patented time-release delivery system, currently found in Eternal Energy™ 10 Hour Time Release shots and zümXR® natural energy drink. This market-tested, new-to-world time-release formula offers food and beverage manufactures a competitive advantage by giving them the ability to control the release rates of a variety of active ingredients, making their current product deliver more usable nutrients. These ingredients can include caffeine, vitamins and nutrients, proteins or probiotics. Many vitamins and active ingredients are not readily absorbed by the body due to bioavailability issues. zümXR® technology slowly delivers nutrients for optimal absorption. Information regarding licensing opportunities for this time-release system is available at www.zumxr.com