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October 5, 2016

Michael McCarthy, zümXR®

zümXR® Granted Three Additional U.S. Patents for its Nutritional Ingredient Delivery Platform

Patents provide coverage for a variety of uses including stick packs, gummies and gels.

Denver, CO – October 4, 2016 – zümXR®, the Denver-based innovator of time-release delivery systems was recently granted three additional patents for their time-release delivery platform for nutritional ingredients. These patents expand on their existing coverage of extended release energy beads in a beverage to other applications such as granulated powders, gels and gummies.

The newly-issued U.S. patents include the following:

“The new patents allow us to develop product offerings beyond the ready to drink beverage space and focus on uses in sports nutrition and other nutritional supplements.” Said Robert Niichel, zümXR®’s Founder. “We plan to launch several products in the coming months that will be protected by these new patent allowances.” said Niichel.

Brett Waxler, Director of Business Development said, “Our customers rely heavily on these patents to protect their investment and guard against copycat encapsulated ingredients infringing on their products.”

Few nutraceutical companies invest as aggressively in intellectual property and research & development as zümXR®. zümXR®’s products are all deep-rooted in science and heavily protect by trade secrets and patents.

About zümXR®,
zümXR® is the Denver-based food and beverage innovator behind the industry’s only patented time-release delivery system, currently found in Eternal Energy™ 10 Hour Time Release shots and zümXR® natural energy drink. This market-tested, new-to-world time-release formula offers food and beverage manufactures a competitive advantage by giving them the ability to control the release rates of a variety of active ingredients, making their current product deliver more usable nutrients. These ingredients can include caffeine, vitamins and nutrients, proteins or probiotics. Many vitamins and active ingredients are not readily absorbed by the body due to bioavailability issues. zümXR® technology slowly delivers nutrients for optimal absorption. Information regarding licensing opportunities for this time-release system is available at www.zumxr.com