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April 23, 2018

Michael McCarthy, zümXR®

zümXR® Granted Seventh U.S. Patent for its Nutritional Ingredient Delivery System

Patents provide coverage for a multi layered sustained release beads.

Denver, CO – April 23, 2018 zümXR®, LLC , the Denver-based innovator of time-release delivery systems was recently granted an additional patent for their time-release delivery platform for nutritional ingredients. This patent further strengthens on their existing coverage of targeted release energy beads in beverages, granulated powders, gels and gummies. To date zümXR® has been granted seven US patents. A number of US and International patents are pending review.

The newly-issued U.S. patent is: U.S. Patent No. 9,931,344

“The new patent provides coverage for a more sophisticated multi-coating pharma process that will be used for both ready to drink beverage applications as well as nutritional supplements.” Said Michael McCarthy, zümXR®’s President. “We plan to use this technology in a product that is set to launch in the coming months.” said McCarthy.

Brett Waxler, VP of Business Development said, “The more encapsulation processes we have in our toolbox, the better prepared we are to service our customers’ varying needs.”

Few nutraceutical companies invest as aggressively in intellectual property and research & development as zümXR®. zümXR®’s products are all deep-rooted in science and heavily protect by trade secrets and patents.

About zümXR®,
Using proprietary patented Intelligent Timing TechnolgyTM delivery systems, zümXR® develops and sells science-backed targeted-release ingredients and also offers custom encapsulation services. Their patented delivery system gives nutritional supplement and beverage brands the ability to control the release rate and stabilize a variety of ingredients, allowing current products deliver more usable nutrients and carry stronger label claims. zümXR®’s background in the pharmaceutical industry equates to tighter product specifications and more science behind each product. Current offerings include Delayed Release Caffeine, Extended Release Caffeine, Liquid Stable Caffeine, Extended Release Magnesium Oxide, Controlled Release BCAAs, and Extended Release Niacin. Please visit www.zumxr.com.