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Robert Niichel: Founder

Bob founded zümXR® in the summer of 2009 with the idea of bringing time-release technology from his work in the pharmaceutical industry to the nutrional supplement and beverage industries. On the weekends Bob can be found with his wife and two children in the mountains of Colorado completing a variety of outdoor activities. He is passionate about getting zümXR® technology into industry leading consumer products.
Bob completed his undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics at Iowa State University and also holds a masters degree in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado.
Bob spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry with Upsher Smith developing various time-release delivery systems. Bob and his family live an active and healthy lifestyle. His most recent achievement was obtaining another patent issuance on time-release technology.

Favorite Activity: Family bike ride through the mountains of Summit County, Colorado
Favorite Spot on Earth: Mountain house deck
Passionate About: Fitness
Guilty Pleasure: Ski day away from work, on a powder day.

Michael McCarthy: President

Michael joined zümXR® in 2011 to help launch the business. He can often be found hiking in the Boulder foothills with his wife and children. Michael is a classically trained consumer packaged goods marketer with a passion for business strategy. He holds degrees from Marquette University and has an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. Michael has held various product management positions with Nestle, PharMerica and Horizon Organic Dairy. He is an avid fly fisherman and backcountry skier, an aspiring guitarist and recently completed the Denver marathon.

Favorite Activity: Mountain biking
Favorite Spot on Earth: Ski touring in the Alps
Passionate About: His young children
Guilty Pleasure: Spy novels

Sam Reinhold, PhD: Chief Scientific Officer

Sam moved to Denver to joined zümXR® team in 2015. He normally arrives at the office after reading the news and consuming copious amounts of coffee, always black -- always strong. He enjoys noontime visits to the gym and late nights in the lab. Sam is a scientist at heart and is passionate about enabling better nutrition through inventing new-to-world encapsulation technologies. Sam completed his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Michigan with a focus on microencapsulation and received a BS in Chemistry and a BS in Biology from Penn State. After spending years as a Pharmaceutical Development Scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, he worked at the FDA as a Chemistry Reviewer immediately prior to joining zümXR®.

Favorite Activity: Trying out new foods and restaurants. Watching football on Saturdays and Sundays.
Favorite Spots on Earth: The western coast of Michigan at dusk.
Passionate About: World and American History.
Guilty Pleasure: Hamburgers, especially those with fried egg and peanut butter.

Brett Waxler: Director of Business Development

Brett joined zümXR® in August 2012 and can often be found riding his bike throughout Denver or running around Sloans Lake. He is our fearless Sales Director who enjoys building relationships and getting zümXR® beads into the hands of people everywhere.
Brett has a degree in Ag-Business Finance from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has previously held sales and product management positions with Envestnet, Morgan Stanley, and Goldstein Munger.
Brett lives the health and wellness lifestyle and is passionate about this industry. His most recent achievement was finishing Ironman Boulder.

Favorite Activity: Triathlon: where 3 sports only count as 1!
Favorite Spot on Earth: On top of any mountain looking down.
Passionate About: zümXR® beads
Guilty Pleasure: Pizza after a long bike ride.

Dan Finkbeiner: Lead Development Engineer

Dan joined zümXR® in 2014. He has over 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement industry managing development activities for billion dollar companies, such as Upsher-Smith Laboratories. The bulk of his experience is in formulation and process development with stints in the Quality department. Dan holds a BS degree from the university of Phoenix.

Favorite Activity: Sampling Colorado Pale Ales.
Favorite Spot on Earth: Hawaii.
Passionate About: Inventing new processes to enhance the XR product line.
Guilty Pleasure: Pale Ales, without guilt.

Clay Nelsen: Director of Operations

Clay joined zümXR® 2016. Outside of work you will likely find him on the soccer field either coaching his two boys, playing, or just watching a game. Clay has over 15 years of experience pharmaceutical industry within Quality Assurance and Operations departments with large companies such as Upsher Smith Laboratories He managed the lifecycle of products lines, from technical transfer and scale-up, to the process validation and maintenance of the product. Clay has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University and played collegiate soccer for a few years.

Favorite Activities: Camping and skiing with the family.
Favorite Spot on Earth: Always searching
Passionate About: Family and soccer
Guilty Pleasure: Playing FIFA on the Xbox with my boys

Andrew Padilla: Scientist

Andrew joined zümXR® in 2015 and can be found frequenting the music scene here in Denver. He considers himself a budding young scientist who joined the zümXR® team to be part of a new innovative company.
He graduated with honors from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he earned his bachelors degree in Biochemistry. His education isn’t over just yet; he is starting his pursuit of a PhD. Andrew looks forward to the growth of zümXR®.

Favorite Activity: Attending any concerts at Red Rocks.
Favorite Spot on Earth: Anywhere my Passport can take me.
Passionate About: Making sure that he made the world a little better with his work.
Guilty Pleasure: Learning and is often told he is too School for Cool.

Wally Simon: Business Development

Wally joined the zümXR® team in 2014. Formerly with the flavor giant Firmenich, he brings more than two decades of unparalleled success during his time in the Natural Food & Beverage space. Wally’s talents for developing unique products with emerging and established beverage brands led him to spearheading unique licensing agreements for our patented technology.
As an avid race-walker, Wally now enjoys a more spiritual sense of his surroundings by hiking in the mountains or long distance recumbent road cycling.

Favorite Activities: Scenic Hikes, Intellectual Talks
Favorite Spot on Earth: The Grand Staircase at Escalante National Monument
Passionate About: Connecting people
Guilty Pleasure: Buttery Chardonnay

Brian Riede: Operations Manager

Brian joined zümXR® in 2014 and can be found riding his commuter bike throughout Denver. He is our intrepid operations guy who enjoys growing the team’s capabilities.
Brian has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of New Mexico and has previously held engineering positions at NASA and product development positions at Adobe Systems. He has studied six sigma and TQM at UC Irvine and is credentialed in project management and process improvement.
Brian enjoys the health and wellness life style and is passionate about amateur athletics. Formerly a professional volleyball player, he is also active in rugby and ocean sports.

Favorite Activity: Tennis-intense competition, yet remarkably fewer concussive opportunities
Favorite Spot on Earth: Illegal surf spot 18 miles north of Santa Barbara
Passionate About: Division II athletics - all the passion, none of the pretense
Guilty Pleasure: Pizza ... he’s very guilty.

Roy McDaniel: Development Engineer

Roy joined zümXR® in 2014. He has over 14 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals. Roy’s areas of expertise are in operations and process development. Roy enjoys playing the guitar and teaching his grandkids chemistry when he is not hard at work producing the next pilot batch of micro beads.

Favorite Activity: Playing the guitar.
Favorite Spot on Earth: Hawaii.
Passionate About: His grandchildren.