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The zümXR® Intelligent Timing™ Delivery was developed by pharmaceutical scientists for use in a beverage or powdered drink application. The patented time-release micro-beads are stable in a liquid with pH levels typically present in a beverage. Once the micro-beads are consumed, the release of active ingredients (caffeine, vitamins, protein, electrolytes, etc.) is initiated by abrasion in the stomach and changes in pH levels between the stomach and upper GI tract.

Intelligent Timing Delivery

Not all encapsulated ingredients are created equally. Always request to see clinical studies showing how the coated ingredients release over time. Also ask if they have the ability to modify dissolution rates and other bead properties.

Bead characteristics



zümXR® has completed numerous third-party studies validating claims that our patented technology slowly delivers a variety of active ingredients for optimal body absorption. Studies were performed by a third-party analytical testing lab, Acceleration Laboratories, who specializes in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research. Eight different lots of micro-beaded ingredients were analyzed in triplicate during this dissolution study that simulated pH levels on the digestive system.

We completed a human blood serum study in 2017. In a prospective randomized two-way counterbalanced cross over pharmacokinetic trial the PK profile of zümXR®’s targeted release caffeine was measured verses immediately release caffeine. Other PK parameters were also measured. Results will be published in a peer reviewed journal in 2018. A poster presentation highlighting these finding was present at the 2018 International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference.

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