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The first ever clinical study on extended release caffeine.

A pharmacokinetic study (PK) with human participants was developed to understand the efficacy of zümXR technology. In a randomized, double-blind, two-way crossover pharmacokinetic study, with immediate release (anhydrous caffeine) and zümXR Extended Release Caffeine, PK parameters were evaluated.

The primary objective was to compare plasma levels of caffeine between groups after providing participants with equal amounts of caffeine (250 mg).


The secondary objectives were to characterize the relative absorption and PK characteristics and to assess the safety profile (vital signs – blood pressure and heart rate) of the Immediate Release Caffeine (IRC) and Extended Release (ERC) forms of caffeine.

Results from this study depict a dramatic increase in caffeine half-life of the zümXR Extended Release Caffeine compared to unencapsulated, immediate release (IR) caffeine.

Another clinical study in process...

zümXR is working on the next clinical study for modified release caffeine set to be done end of 2024.

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