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zümXR provides a relevant point-of-difference grounded in IP and science. 

A relevant point-of-difference exists to position your product apart from competitors in the industry. zümXR not only has a superior product developed and backed by science, but the proof to show it. We believe in placing importance on clinical studies and intellectual property to deliver backed label claims.


The patent portfolio of zümXR is broad in scope and covers various product applications, which allows for protection on the product and capabilities to be applied to other ingredients.


US Patent No. 3,818,884

US Patent No. 3,832,964

US Patent No. 5,154,523

US Patent No. 5,229,398

US Patent No. 8,449,920

US Patent No. 8,518,448

US Patent No. 8,545,892

US Patent No. 9,248,100

US Patent No. 9,271,938

US Patent No. 9,381,160

US Patent No. 9,931,344

US Patent No. 10,512,650
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